50 fifty

Tech Triangle (1)

The most beautiful skis in the entire collection. In terms of consctruction this is the essence of modern skiing. They ride all-terrain and boast a great performance. They initiate the turn easily and are perfectly stable.

Spectacular, sophisticated design, as well as unusual shovels and raised tails make them distinguish among other skis on the slope. They will be perfect if you want to stand up to the ride in powder and enjoy the freeride off the beaten tracks, without losing the perfect grip
on the edge when riding on a track. You’ll love them!

50/Fifty 165 50/Fifty 175 50/Fifty 185
Length: 165 cm
Tail: 119,3/82/97,7
Radius: R>20
Length: 175 cm
Tail: 126,6/87,0/103,7
Radius: R>21,5
Length: 185 cm
Tail: 133,9/92,0/109,7
Radius: R>23