Tech Triangle (1)

These skis love space and speed; they’re not afraid of fast ride on prepared tracks. It’s a family of competitors‘ GS models. They cover long curves fast and confidently.

Thanks to patented AUTOROCKER system, they let the skier to adjust the turning radius to given conditions and tighten it. In GS skis the TECH TRIANGLE system was implemented – it’s a unique Nobile solution, which activates three systems during the drive: AUTOROCKER, APS and TRAPEZ IUM SHAPE. This intelligent system causes the skis to initiate the turn easily, recognize the type of snow we’re riding on and let the skier to control the turning radius. During the drive ahead the system „calms“ the skis, resulting in the
effect of maximum stabilization, very good gripping on the edge and an active flexibility.

GS.180 GS.176
Length:180 cm
Tail: 119,6/74,6/91,5
Radius: R>22
Length: 176 cm
Tail: 116,2/71,4/90,1
Radius: R>20